Proper Facility Maintenance of Industrial Rolling Ladders

Check ladders for damage

Always inspect ladders for any visual damage such as cracks, missing bolts, etc. Do not use any damaged mobile ladder this is not safe please put a sign on the ladder they says such. Make a close inspection of all four casters making sure that they are functional without damage. Casters often go overlooked unless its a broken locking mechanism but proper casters make a huge impact in the effectiveness of rolling ladders and platforms.

Check for proper safety stickers

Safety stickers should make note of proper ladder use and supplier/manufacturer contact information. These is an effective form of safety record keeping of safety equipment. The ladder's weight capacity should be clearly marked on the front and should be strictly followed by employees.

Keep walking surface clean

Make sure all walking surfaces are clean of water, oils and lubricants. Most rolling ladder treads have open areas that allow liquids to drain, but make sure to keep the exposed surface clean. If the application requires contact with slippery oils there are slip resistant tread options that can help with slip hazards.

Types of Rolling Ladders

Platform Rolling Ladder - Has top platform large enough for work area.

Cantilever Rolling Ladder - Top platform overhangs and extends farther than base for over reach.

Safety Rolling Ladder - OSHA & ANSI compliant rolling ladder.

Heavy Duty Rolling Ladder - 500+ pound weight capacity rolling ladder.

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