Tips on Making Calls When Traveling

We travel for various reasons like we want to discover places we’ve never been and to conduct businesses as well. Nevertheless, regardless of your reason for travelling, making calls is something that is inevitable. So, we have some tips for you when it comes to making calls while travelling.

  • If you would be travelling to another country, it would be best for you to purchase an international phone plan, especially if you would be staying there for a long time so that you can pay for lower fees.

  • Unless it is really necessarily, turn off the international calling capabilities of your phone in case you would be travelling overseas.

  • Make use of a different calling app like Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat and Rebtel. Just install them on your phone and you can start using it not only to call your loved ones but also to chat with them.

  • If you are in a foreign country, buy or rent a local sim card so that you can make local calls with your friends who are living within the country.

  • You can also consider renting out a phone that works in your destination. That way, your loved ones would be able to reach you at all times.
When travelling, communication with the use of your mobile device, especially calling can indeed be very expensive. So, in order to put your mind and your wallet at ease, just consider the tips mentioned above. Through that, you can keep your loved ones updated about you even when you’re far away from them.


Jason Friedman has 13+ years of safety professional and also in that time managed five figure monthly PPC account and SEO for safety consulting firm. His knowledge comes from real world hands on results.

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