UH-60 Blackhawk Maintenance

The UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter is maintained by skilled technicians with proper training. They are assigned to phase or flight line maintenance and various support shop functions like engine repair, nondestructive inspection and sheetmetal repair. There are different maintenance levels – depot, unit and intermediate level. Preventative maintenance daily checks occur every day when the helicopter flies or every 7 days if it’s not flying.

On the other hand, preventative maintenance services are required every 40 flight services are needed every forty flight hours and take fifteen to twenty hours and can be completed in a day with two technicians. There are other calendar-driven and hourly inspection and service tasks like battery checks, ninety-day corrosionchecks, gearbox oil samples and thirty-day engine wash programs. There’s also the 120-hour inspection that lasts two to three days and includes checking the tail rotor, oil cooler fan and engine high-speed shafts.

Unit level maintenance involves the phase maintenance inspection that is performed every 360 flight hours. The phase maintenance inspection 1 mainly focuses on the tail and cabin section, while the phase maintenance inspection 2 is focused on the components and systems that are mainly situated above the cabin, tailboom and the main rotor. Depot level maintenance includes modifications or extensive maintenance. The flight line crew takes care of the preventative maintenance daily checks, unscheduled maintenance, helicopter ground movements and preventative maintenance services around the facility.

Technicians will be assigned to troubleshoot, correct or fix any problems. They have the certifications and training required to perform maintenance tasks to keep the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter in top condition. They are also required to lubricate and service subsystems and aircraft, install or detach aircraft subsystem assemblies like rotors, transmissions, engines, mechanical flight controlsand gearboxes, help in troubleshootingor diagnosing problems and prepare the helicopter for maintenance checks and inspections.


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