What You Need to Know Before Buying a Water Heater

It might be the time when you want to replace the old water heater with the new one so what you need to know before purchasing an electric water heater is necessary. If you never replaced the heater for few years, then you have many choices especially for more energy efficient water heater. It is okay if you need to spend more for the first time, but it can make you pay less in the future. It is wise to consider below tips when you want to purchase the new water heater.

What you need to know before buying a water heater

1. The capacity of the new water heater

Most of the water heater sold with a wide variety of sizes or in other words how many gallons they can hold. That’s why to consider the FHR (first-hour rating) and the GPM (gallons per minute rating) to tell you how much the heater can deliver the water for a set period.

2. The types of the water heater

Gas Water heater and electric water heaters available in various type and some of them claim to use less energy than regular storage models. Below are five different types of water heater:

- Storage tank water heater: This is the most common type of water heater and just like the name suggested; it uses a tank to store the hot water until you need it. Gas water heater considered being cheaper than an electric water heater, however, it may spend more money at the time of purchase.

- Tank-less water heater: Unlike storage tank water heater, this model will heat the water as you need it by using heating coils. Although they are more efficient compared with storage tank water heater, they provide limited hot water, so they are perfect for a family who does not use hot water frequently. It is a model that best to be used with gas energy than the expensive electric model.

- Heat pump water heater: Often called as the hybrid water heater and it works by capture heat from the air and then transfers it to the water. This model cannot function well in cold area, but they use less energy compared to the standard electric water heater.

- Solar water heater: Just like the name suggested, it absorbs the sun’s heat energy to heat the water. This model is suitable for warm and sunny regions but not works that well during cloudy and cold weather.

- Condensing water heater: If you need more than 55 gallons of water heater capacity then this type of heater suitable with your taste. It is also an option if you use gas energy.

3. Warranty to consider when buying new water heater

There is some feature that you still need to find when purchasing new water heater such as the warranty which typically covers between 3 to 12 years. And if you are willing to pay a little bit more then you might end up with a longer warranty.


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