Business Plan Writing - The Basics

A business plan is a crucial piece of documentation that will give your clients and potential investors a clear indication of what you are planning to achieve with your business, and how you intend to reach this level of success. In the event that some aspects of your business are unknown due to your current start up status, it is important to ensure that only clear and confident aspects of your business plan are included in your write up. However, when it comes to writing your first business plan, the most important thing to remember is to stick to the ‘basics'. Basics for Getting Started:

The main purpose of a business plan is to clearly and concisely display your vision for your business. The clearer your initial plan, the easier it will be to convey your vision to the reader. You should then provide an overview of the resources you have assembled in order to help you in achieving this goal. The fundamentals of your business plan should also include details regarding your experience and skills and how these will help you in making your business plan work. It is also extremely advantageous to link in your resume and/or portfolio to reconfirm the details included in your initial plan.

Mentioning the Economic Prospects:

It is always beneficial to state any short term goals you have for your business clearly. By doing this, you will be able to eliminate the need for any high cash requirements etc. which is vital as you must be clear in judgments of economic requirements and prospects. This way, your plan will be less likely to be written off as an over-confident endeavor. Being positive is one thing, but being prepared for every potential outcome with a contingency plan is another. The latter is valued highly when proposing a business plan. The level of confidence and trust in you and your business plan will increase when you are able to effectively present yourself to be well prepared, knowledgeable in your plan and niche market and other aspects of your prospective business.

Why Will Your Proposed Business Work?

This is a question which you will need to be able to answer clearly and concisely to any investor and so forth who reads your business plan. In order to do this effectively, you will need to possess a clear understanding of your targeted market and be able to confirm any facts you include within your plan with research materials, etc. You must also be able to display how capable your management skills are, as well as how you plan to organize the overall managerial side of your business in terms of employees you plan to hire and how you will identify the ideal candidates.

Before you submit your final business plan, it is extremely advantageous to have your business plan reviewed. It is much easier to identify weak areas of your plan or missed sections if you have this read through by your peers or others who are involved in business. Above all, it is important that you are realistic in writing your business plan. Whether you are just starting your first business or already have an established business under your wing, realism is what will be expected by any investor when they come to read your business plan. By following the above guidelines, not only will your business plan be clear, concise and thorough, but will also be the right first step to starting up your business.


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