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A web hosting company is a company that does what their name implies, they host your website. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different web hosting companies that you can now choose from and many come and many more go. When it comes to popularity though, you often see the same names crop up all over the place. Whether right or wrong, most of the more popular web hosting companies are so popular due to their very affordable prices. While it is always great to save some money, you should be sure that you are getting a web hosting company that can give you great service as well. That said, just because something is cheap, doesn't mean it is no good.

Here are some of the more popular web hosting services that are very affordable, but also offer a good deal of services as well:

• Ok, maybe is so popular because of the commercials they do. You know the ones, they feature really good looking women that are famous, like Indy Car Driver Danica Patrick, oh and these women are typically scantily clad. As great as those commercials are, actually does offer a good price and great service. Web hosting starts at just $4.74 per month, which is a promotion, and the web hosting company does have the ability to give you more when your business expands. As it turns out the good looking women are just a bonus for you men out there.

• No scantily clad women commercials here, just a promotional rate of $3.95 per month and great service to boot. What is truly unique about is the customer service which is what probably makes them so popular. Instead of handling things by e-mail, they have an 800 number you can call and talk to a real live person 24 hours per day, seven days per week. You can also chat live with someone from their customer service department if you want to.

• currently hosts over 2 million sites worldwide and that number is rapidly growing. Their services start at just $4.95 per month and they too can be reached toll free 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Host Gator also offers the ability to do dedicated servers so that you can host your web site on your own site if that is your wish.

• offers web hosting starting at a rock bottom promotional $1.99 per month and also has the ability to grow with your website. They too offer 24/7 support and live chat abilities. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee and also promise 99.9 percent uptime for your website. What this means is that your site will hardly ever go down, which hopefully means more to your bottom line.

This is proof positive that you don't need to be the most expensive kid on the block in order to be good. All of these popular web hosting companies offer the ability to help you and your website, no matter how big you are and will work side by side with you to ensure your website's success.


Jason Kay has successfully started several website ventures. He is an expert on website development, website promotion, and search engine optimization. He recommends comparing business plan services and using a website builder to easily create your own website. Having an 800 number is a great way to...

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