Business Marketing Top 10 Ways To Get Noticed

Here are my rules for businesses to get noticed by (potential) clients.

Do something...

1. ... altruistic - People care if you're trying to help people ("10% of my sales will go to United Way")

2. ... politically incorrect - Challenge the prevailing wisdom ("Eating fat is good for you")

3. ... current - Tie your message to something in the news ("Avoid the upcoming tax hike")

4. ... clearly useful - Save a life. Save money. Save time. ("When was the last time you got a check-up?")

5. ... personal - Don't stand on a pedestal. Share your fears and joys. ("I just learned a humbling lesson")

6. ... funny - A humorous story gets passed around often. ("This morning, I put my shirt on inside-out")

7. ... transparent - Avoid the "it's too good to be true". In your offers share what's in it for you. ("I get a commission")

8. ... outrageous - Take an idea to an extreme ("Pogo stick Olympic games")

9. ... measurable - Let others be the judge of your work ("Consumer Reports Magazine").

10 ... simple - Use few words. State the essence. ("Why this matters")

The key to getting noticed is to be consistently interesting. Why should someone spend their time listening to you? Are you simply trying to sell or are you connecting with people's innate curiosity and emotion? Are you authentic in your actions or are you being lumped into the "huckster" category. Don't have your message get categorized as "spam". Remember that once someone starts to ignore you, it's very hard to get them to change their habits. Think about who you pay attention to -- why? Doing something flashy will work in the short-term, but these rules will result in a long-term payoff.


Jay Hamilton-Roth founded Many Good Ideas ( to help small businesses brainstorm, design, and implement effective marketing strategies. He combines creativity with common sense to demystify the process of getting great results. He has used his high-tech background from MIT to help him launch five businesses. He consults with companies in a wide range of industries and publishes a monthly marketing newsletter and daily marketing blog ( He ...

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