Addition by Subtraction.

We are often conditioned to believe that the resolution, betterment or answer for a given problem is rooted in the addition of something. We search, seek and toil for the missing ingredient; that one thing that we need to have, or have more of ⎯ to achieve our goals or happiness.

Now, it could be argued that this is natural considering the overwhelming culture of consumerism, especially in the developed world. Everyday advertisements of every variety bombard us with messages about how much we need to have this given item, and no other. We are sold on the dream that all of our inner struggles, strife or disappointments will be absolved for only $19.95 plus shipping!

None of us are immune from this pattern of belief. (I personally have gone haywire with camera accessories lately, but hey I’ve got a little girl now!) However, I would argue that whether it be your business or your personal life, it’s often what you remove from the equation that makes the big difference. Outsourcing, minimizing, leverage, organization ⎯ each of these actions requires you to discard something in an effort to gain something else.

The next time your evaluating how to better your business, your time management or your relationships with your spouse or child, consider first what you could remove from the situation before you look to add anything.

“Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler...” Albert Einstein

All my Best,

Jay Kubassek


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In six short years, Canadian entrepreneur Jay Kubassek went from working on a farm to selling mufflers at a Kansas City Midas shop to revolutionizing home-based entrepreneurialism with the 2004 launch of his Internet-based education company ...

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