How to find the right Opportunity and why 97% fail! Part II

Part II:

Special Report from the Inside: Everything you need to know about picking the right network marketing company.


Regarding your search for the right company.

First thing, is to make sure that the company you are about to join has a long-term vision and is financially stable as long as you are going to be marketing their products. If the company has bad PR, it's for a reason.

Look for patterns of complaints. Simply GOOGLE by typing in the company name plus “scam” and see what you get. If there are patterns of complaints within the BBB or 3-letter government agencies, stay away. Even if this stuff you read on the forums isn’t all true, where there is smoke there is fire, if you smell s***, there is likely a horse in the stable. Catch my drift?

Okay, you get my point. Besides, if your prospect has half a brain, they will do the exact same due diligence. You don’t want to have to defend your company’s image every time you speak with a prospect.

One of the companies I previously worked with, has had tons of complaints against them, most were off base and not true. However, it severely impacted my personal business as well as the reputation and image of the company. Less than a third of the people who said that they would sign up with me, actually did.

Upon my arrival to WMI, the numbers changed significantly. Between 60-70% of my prospects move forward, many on their own without even talking to me. Based off their own due-diligence, understanding of the products and services, and integrity within the company. I make twice the number of level one sales using the exact same marketing budget as I did in the early phases of my career. A huge part of that is the fact that I am marketing an exceptionally brilliant product. It certainly doesn’t hurt that WMI has a squeaky-clean track record coupled by a great reputation either.

Bad PR leads to the quick death of many companies. Make sure the company is domestically owned and operated, and that it isn't hiding offshore somewhere in the Bahamas or Panama out of reach from the Attorney General. This is a key sign of a company's true colors.

Lastly, make sure that the company you are working with has no conflicts of interest. You can recognize this by paying close attention to stuff like: large monthly fees, the selling of your leads, or partnerships/alliances that are designed to line the company's pockets with your hard-earned money. Those are all red-flag indications of a companies motives and business practices.

At the end of the day, all you really have is your name and reputation. Once that is tarnished, it’s like having a bad credit score, very difficult to overcome. Not impossible, but not a walk in the park by any means.


The next thing you want to make sure is that the products being sold by the company are legitimate, stand-alone products. Something tangible that can hold their own and almost sell themselves if on a shelf at a store for instance.

You’ll find that the majority of the network marketing and direct sales companies out there are built around the compensation plan rather than their product. If what you are marketing is NOT a stand-alone product that provides little if any value, you will have a hard time building residual income and a stable business. Most people will be unable to duplicate what you are producing, and your attrition will be huge.

Besides, who doesn't want to be proud of what they're selling? There are plenty of responsible and legitimate companies out there marketing valuable/stand alone products. Find the one that feels right for you.

If you have a great product, one that holds value to its clients and basically sells its self, think about all of the extra residual income you can earn. Your new people will not only be able to duplicate what you are doing much more quickly and more effectively, but it allows the team as a whole to grow and profit on a larger scale.

Having that killer product coupled with a compensation plan that pays a residual income, is a very powerful one-two punch.


Next, make sure the team you are working with has tried and tested foolproof “turn-key” marketing system. A system that anyone can plug into, duplicate, and get instant results from.

If you find yourself having to figure out your own lead generation, if the company relies on recruiting from friends and family, if your main source of generating prospects is provided through purchased leads, or anything of that nature…RUN. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

If you don't have a reliable source/system for getting quality prospects to understand what you are offering, you cannot and will not be successful long term.

A TRUE “turn-key” system should replace most of the redundant and boring variables that cause most people to fail. For example, it should do most, if not all of the “selling” for you with professionally created sales letters and presentations along with follow-up email auto responders.

I personally believe that marketing is the biggest hurdle every marketer is going to face. Be certain that your team has a system that is going to help you solve this variable, if not solve it for you. Think about it. If your sponsor really has an interest in your long-term success, why would he NOT want to help you out here? He is going to make copious amounts of dough over the long term based on your efforts once you’re trained and making money!?!

In my primary business with WMI, I use a marketing system that I built from scratch called “CarbonCopy MarketingTM”. It has evolved over the last 3 and half years into a premier marketing community in the Direct Sales industry and has no plans of slowing down. This system has assisted its members in generating MILLIONS of dollars in commissions over the last 3 years. Collectively we have over a hundred years of experience that every new member gets to leverage and use to his own benefit from the first day of becoming a member.

Everything that I personally do and use to generate a 7-figure income is available for new members to study and implement into their personalized marketing campaigns.

From basic lead capture websites and templates to business presentation websites and email marketing auto responders; EVERYTHING is available to be carbon copied and used. It is basically and instruction manual to their new business.

Our goal is to provide every new consultant with a road map of “how to” using only the best tools, training and resource available.

This is critical on so many levels. Not only does it allow myself and the other leaders to effectively duplicate quickly and efficiently, it also provides a platform for us to generate a very substantial residual income. Thus allowing our new people do the same and still have time left over to live life!

It’s genius! I tell new recruits all the time, “if you sleep tonight its only because you do NOT understand leverage and what earning power you have using a system like CarbonCopy!!”

Finding an authentic “turnkey” marketing system that has been proven to work is like hunting for needles in a haystack. They are difficult to find, but a wonderful indicator towards the success and stability of a company. This is usually the weak link in most establishments, so my advice...look closely and choose wisely before moving forward.

Finally be sure to join a team where you don't have to do any personal selling, convincing, or explaining, especially when you are new. Make sure there is a team of people in place to do this for you. You should expect an entire team of people to support you. I always give my new partners a list of at least 30 leaders who they can contact to ensure plenty of support in the case that I can't be reached.


TRUST YOUR GUT! If you feel good about what you're doing and see value in the products and services, great! You probably are on the right track. Pursue it with everything you have. Hold yourself accountable to the goals and expectations you set at the beginning of your journey. If you are leery and can't seem to get straight answers about products, services, or systems… dust off those jogging shoes once again and “RUN Forest RUN!” They aren't telling you the whole story, and only want your money.

You should be able to tell quite easily if someone really does care

about building a long term, successful relationship with you OR if

they are just trying to sell you something. There are hundreds of

scams out there so please beware! Many which are cloaked in innocence and opportunity. Again, look closely and choose wisely. TRUST YOUR GUT!

Finally is what you are about to do something you can be immensely proud of and willing to share with others? If not, then how do you plan on being successful if you lack the self-confidence and pride in what you are doing?

My Advice: Do something meaningful. Make your primary goal and focus to "help others" and then find a good company that best allows you to do that!

There is more money to be made by helping other people solve their problems then you will EVER know what to do with. Just stop trying to make a quick buck and forget about selling lotions and potions. If you are currently struggling (like most in this industry), ask yourself these questions: What value are you providing to society? How valuable are your products? Do people really need them? How big is your mission? How many people have you truly empowered to achieve anything substantial?

Or, worse yet, are you involved in a “money-game”…? Are you one of those who still believe that people will stuff money through their phones the first time you talk to them? You might be able to recruit a few “get-rich-quick losers” who also have a lottery mentality, but you will not be able to build a strong income or team.

Quality people will only work with quality leaders, so make the conscious decision to focus on empowering others. Select a mentor that is proud and passionate, because when you discover the right team, using the right system, with the right company, it will be impossible to fail.

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