Lead With Emotions

One of the early reminders for me about an emotional leader@ work was a top executive i worked with in the initial stages of my career. He had no problem in wearing colorful Hawaii kind of shirts and bright colored sun glasses to office. I had no problem connecting to him because of how he showed his emotions in action. For me that was man who had his confidence and conviction and i could trust being my real self with him.

How emotions can help you as a leader

  • You are predictable: If you think it's a bad trait, too bad for you , but most of your employees do look forward to a leader who is predictable.
  • You are trustworthy: How many of us have read a book about body language and to see how to catch people when they lie?. A leader who is spontaneous in emotions is trustworthy.
  • You connect to the millenials : If you are a baby boomer this would be something you might like to really have a look at. Dont pretend to be one of them, but neither stay away from showing your young mind if you have to. This will help you connect better with them
  • Boundary less : Though you may get caught up with the idea of how different culture may express emotions, dont think too much. Every single culture i have worked with love people who express emotions for the above reasons. We are all derived from the same primates who have basic emotions in place before we "evolved" how to show it. One caution though is dont get confused between showing your racial and political views with emotions. They are entirely two different topics and i dont recommend mixing your emotions with your political and racial views.
  • Helps people to mirror you: People like to look up to leaders who they can emulate and this can only happen when you give them a chance to be the "leader next door".
Finally every individual is different and every leadership style thus is different and will be viewed differently. I have not found a single article or research which can say that one leadership style is better than the other. So apply what fits you best but dont forget to "Lead By Emotions", because it makes the "Real You"


Jayesh Menon is currently HR director - APAC for Itron based in singapore. He is responsible for overall HR management for the whole Asia pacific region which covers Energy and Water Sales and Marketing , Manufacturing &Operations, R&D and G&A functions. Prior to this he was director of HR operations for SEA + India for Flextronics. Jayesh Menon has lived and worked in India , Malaysia, China and now in Singapore managing HR Generalist functions across various industries ranging f...

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