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This is a bad habit that yesterday came creeping back into my day. It seems I can be the queen of procrastinating real easy. The tricky thing about procrastinating is sometimes it takes some time to notice that it is around sabotaging your time.

As a female entrepreneur working from home there are tons of distractions that in the past feed into our procrastination bad habit. For most female entrepreneurs we talk and coach with housework and social media are 2 of the biggest time distractors and saboteurs.

We have gotten really good at noticing and dealing with procrastinating. We simply don’t have enough time allowed in our schedule to let procrastination steal time.

Yesterday I noticed it pretty quickly. In fact we have gotten so good at defeating our procrastinating habit it took me by surprise when it showed up.

As female entrepreneurs we all battle procrastination from time to time so here is a few things to help you overcome it.

The primary reason procrastinating is really rare for us these days is simply because we have a schedule with a start time and stop time. Knowing we only have 30 minutes – or whatever we have allotted to a particular project or task is a huge help. Knowing you only have a certain amount of time to complete a project or task is the best way to stop procrastinating.

We always work in 30 to 50 minute intervals. For some people this may be too long but for us depending on the task this flexibility and interval length works. We vary the interval on the task that is being done and the time of the day. For us the mornings we can focus for longer periods of time and on more challenging or creative projects.In the afternoons between 2 and 4 we need to have the shorter intervals.

We always keep a timer by the computer. The timer keeps us honest to our schedule and our self. Because of the timer, I noticed quickly, I was side tracked and procrastinating and not getting the things done that I had planned.

Procrastinating can have another basis besides your schedule.

Fear can be the other reason to procrastinate. Perfectionism is procrastinations, “ugly cohort.”

Here is where procrastinating and perfectionism can join together and ego or false voices can start to sabotage your success.Things like, “it’s not good enough,” or “what will___(fill in the blank) think.”

When procrastinating is fear based the solution is, understanding and accepting the fear as false and stepping into the fear. Here the biggest challenge is learning that these are false beliefs. Many times they have been with us so long they seem very real.

Some false perceptions have been with us since childhood and are blocking us from achieving our goals and dreams. These non-serving beliefs and fears can be the underlying reason for the procrastination.



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