Leaving Your Comfort Zone And Finding Your Power Is Essential For Entrepreneurs

I’m on the red eye flight headed to New York City with my brother who just graduated high school and my son who is almost a teenager. I remember when I was young, about my son’s age, my cousin and I got to visit my aunt in New York, who was in Law School at the time.

That week in New York City made such an impression on me at that age; from the busy streets, the subways, to the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, the city had so much energy.

We were definitely leaving our comfort zone behind.

Although I have been back to New York several times since I was young, this trip is special because I get to show my brother and son a whole new world.

Coming from a smaller city in California, New York is definitely an experience.

Experiences like these get you out of your comfort zone. When you’re leaving your comfort zone and finding your personal power you’re building yourself as an entrepreneur.

The change that happens changes your results in your business and in your life.

We all have a comfort zone, it’s the way we are from the way we are raised, to the experiences we have had. The problem is that if we never leave our comfort zone and move past it, then we stay in the same place and we do not grow in life or in our business.

If you notice, the best breakthroughs in life and in business come after you do something that is uncomfortable and completely out of your comfort zone.

Are you pushing yourself and leaving your comfort zone?

Most likely there is something that you are avoiding in your business because it makes you feel a little uneasy and you are not sure that you can do it. Discover what that is this this week, write it down, and schedule it into your calendar. Make sure you complete it…you will see that this one thing will push your business to new heights!

You will become a better you with each experience.

Whenever we decide to change something in our lives, whether it’s a better health, better relationships, building our own business or expanding our business there is a good chance you will feel uncomfortable at some point.

These are the challenges that face us all as we find a better life.

Like I mentioned above my brother and son are about to be pulled out of their comfort zone this week; Just as I was when I first visited New York.

Some things will be scary to them; learning how to navigate the subways, getting used to tons of people, and just moving about the city.

The greatest part is they will be better people in life and in business because they will gain confidence through this experience.

Standing up for your life without limits, will at times require leaving your comfort zone. We are here to support you in your growth. The help of a coach or supportive person can make the difference in your success or failure.



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