A Home Based Business Opportunity or a Job Are Your Options during a Recession

A Home Based Business Opportunity on the Internet or a regular nine to five job is a choice to be made in these tough economic times. Everybody is hurting, from recent college graduates to individuals that have been laid off, to senior citizens.

The question is what choices are there for you when such a tragic event occurs. You have options; you can choose to work for someone else and make them rich or work for yourself and get rich slowly but surely. Start a Home Business Opportunity on the Internet and become self-employed, with the ultimate goal of financial freedom.

What Can You Look Forward To With a Traditional Job?

· You can expect to receive a salary for services you perform for your employer

· You will be told when to start work and when to stop work

· No matter what your position or salary, you can be laid off or let go based on their rules

· Expect to pay your own health insurance and provide for your own retirement

· When the job ends, the money ends; you receive unemployment insurance for a few months

· While in a deep recession finding another job paying sufficient income to support your family is unlikely.

On the other hand what can You Look Forward To With a home based business Opportunity?

· Minimum start up Investment; much less than would be required in a traditional business in the real world.

· You can expect to be able to exercise self-discipline and self-motivation

· In the beginning stages of starting your business you will need enough money to provide for your family for several months.

· Expect to work long hours and harder than you did on your day job, be focused, dedicated and adopt a never say quit attitude

· You may not realize any profit from your home based business opportunity for 1 to 3 years

Expect that after hard work, discipline, motivation and never giving up, your reward will be residual income and financial freedom. Look forward to a recession proof business that can be passed on to your heirs. Then you will realize that hard work and efforts were well worth it.

Now, you can make an informed decision as to which is for you; a job or a Home Based Business Opportunity on the Internet.


Jed Tooke is a Network Marketer and member of a team of individuals with the same mindset; making money on the Internet. We help others succeed on the Internet with a home based business opportunity.

He has written articles on home based business, business opportunity, weight loss and losing weight. I am also a Network Marketer and home based business owner who believes in building relationships and wor...

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