Working From Home Today With Children

As I sit back and analyze where I am at in life the one thing that comes to my mind is the fact I am working from home today with children. This provides its own challenges as I look back on what has transpired and what is to become of my life. I started working from home due to the downsizing of the late 90s. I often found what it would be like to stay at home with my kids and earn money this way. I was going through a difficult divorce, had a baby on the way, and just imagined what life would be like working from home today with my children. I always dreamed about being my own bosss but wasnt sure I could ever riach that dream. Here are some advantages of working from today with your famil:

1) Flexible schedule - This is one of the biggest advantages as I found myself in my corporate job leaving the house at 6am and getting home at 8pm and being so tired that I all I wanted to do was eat and go to bed. I saw very little of my children as I left the house as they were sleeping and got home when they were about to go back to bed. I wanted life to be different and working from home today with children is a completely different way of life for me.

2) Money - This is an important issue as getting started is the hardest part. I started when I was working long hours, struggling in a marriage, had a baby on the way and then a few months later I was out of work. That can be quite a motivation. Add a divorce to it and its a handful. I started with literally nothing. I had a dream, some prayers, and people around me telling me it couldnt be done.

3) Time With Children - The time you get with children especially when they are small is something you dont get back as they age. I didnt want to miss this time so I made a major committment to myself and my children that I could make this work, or at least survive until I could get my work at home opportunity working and making money.

Working from home today with children has many advantages if you are able to stay committed and set personal goals. A good game plan is also necessary. The rewards are more than you will ever know.


Jeff Casmer is a internet home business expert and online home business owner. His "Top Ranked" Internet Marketing Training Directory gives you all the information you need to find, start, maintain, and prosper with your very own legitimate home business.

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