A Simple Approach To Find The Right Jewelry For Your Loved Ones

If you'd like to make a lasting impression on someone you care about you should truly consider buying them an exquisite piece of handmade jewelry. Finding the right piece is not always a simple task - as many of us know! Sometimes a piece just "stands out" whereas other times you find yourself jumping from jewelry shop to jewelry shop (or website) to discover the perfect piece for that important person in your life! Since I would like to keep this brief I will attempt to give you a few pieces of advice from my own experience that has helped me to find jewelry that absolutely "wowed" my loved ones! Before you even consider purchasing jewelry for a loved one be sure that they actually like jewelry! That's right! Believe it or not some women (and men) do not like jewelry. So that beautiful piece you chose may very well sit in a drawer for years to come. No one wants this - so be sure to find out (either directly or sneakily) if the person you intend to buy for actually likes Jewelry! I suggest asking them in a subtle way if they like jewelry. If it's someone you don't have a direct line of communication with - have someone else find out! Their husband, wife, brother or sister can usually find out what they like and what they are looking for!

Now that you know they like jewelry its time to consider what kind of jewelry they like. This of course can be quite complicated because as we know there are Watches, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and bracelets.

To make it even worse there are all kinds of different materials!

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Titanium etc... Want more confusion? How about gemstones..there are hundreds of them! Wait I have one more item to consider - Austrian crystal jewelry! So with all of these choices what is a person to do? The answer is actually quite simple - you have only two choices.

First - you can do a little more investigative work and find out what they currently have and what they currently need from either your own investigative efforts or through a third party. For example I have often heard my wife mention (throughout the year) that she really needs a new pair f earrings, or "I wish I had a black diamond necklace!" This of course makes it easy (assuming I remember it!)

Second - there is always the "Gut Instinct" approach. If I have absolutely no clue what I want to buy them (specifically) I often go in there with a price range in mind (to either a jewelry store or online jewelry website) and narrow down my choices simply based on budget and eye appeal. Guys - don't be scared to have the female jewelry sales people try on the piece for you! This actually helps a lot to determine how it looks when its being worn (unless you want to try it on - but that might get a little weird!)

In conclusion, finding the right piece of jewelry isn't always easy, but with a little investigation and some educated guessing you can most certainly increase the chances that your loved one with love what you have gotten for them! Happy shopping!


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