60% of the Sales Cycle is Over – BEFORE a buyer talks to your Salesperson

The Corporate Executive Board surveyed 1,900 buyers to uncover insights regarding purchasing behavior. "The survey results were surprising." That data should surprise and shock you. I summarize here, but read the full post at

The Most Important Number in B2B Marketing

They reach a shocking conclusion - this is not a misalignment of sales and marketing. "This is no-mans land - a gap in the purchasing funnel no one addresses."

What is going to fill this gap? The self-education that buyers go through - without ever talking to salesperson. Here's a laundry list for you.

  1. A strong value proposition
  2. Deep buyer personas
  3. Content to answer buyer questions
  4. Good offers and calls to action
  5. Gentle buyer focused nurturing - walking them from Problem to Solution
  6. Think Like a Publisher - collect, curate and publish great content every week
It's clear that Marketing is going to have to fill this gap in your business. Only marketing can work on those six key elements. And we strongly suggest you reach outside the business to expert firms like BlueBird Strategies, The Annuitas Group, NuSpark Marketing, PointClear and even Find New Customers. Face it, you need fresh ideas and insights that only these deeply experienced firms can deliver.

What do you thnk? We love comments and those who share? Jeff Ogden, Founder and President of Find New Customers wants to hear from you.


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