Missed the Webinar, but the Data is Shocking!

Everyone raising sales quotas, few companies feeling confident in making the number and companies adding even more salespeople - sounds to me like a prescription for disaster! It's time to take some of that money you were going to use to hire salespeople and instead invest in BtoB demand generationwith companies like Find New Customers.

We regret that you were unable to join us for "Keeping the Momentum Going in 2012" on Wednesday, February 22. Jim Dickie and Barry Trailer of CSO Insights shared some key findings from our 2012 Sales Performance Optimization study, including:
  • 93.9% of companies are increasing quotas—an all-time high!
  • 5.6% of companies feel confident they can meet those quotas—an all-time low!
  • 65% of companies are adding sales reps—and some may be yours!
So that you can take advantage of the information delivered in the webinar, we have included a link to the recording that you can share with your team members, colleagues, and customers:
  • Keeping the Momentum Going in 2012 - Webinar Recording
Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss any of the topics from this webinar. Thank you for your interest in our research! Sincerely, Kim Cameron Executive Director of Research CSO Insights


Global leader for General Electric for The Pedowitz Group. Also the host of the B2B marketing show, Marketing Made Simple TV. We help companies rapidly grow revenue by transforming the ways they attract, engage and win new customers.

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