Ten Ways to Connect with Target Executives - without using Email

One of the clients of the sales lead generation companyFind New Customers told us that outbound calls and emails simply are not working much at all. This got me to thinking about other ways to connect with prospects. TheEmail Marketing Reportshows that email open rates have dropped from 14% to 11.4 in the last three years and that smaller list sizes outperform larger ones. Lastly, if the email is not opened within 48 hours, it probably will never be opened. So email is not very effective, unless the recipient already knows you. The bottom line is that B2B sellers have so many ways to connect today - that using only email is a loser strategy. Here are 10 new ways to connect with prospects (other than email):

  1. Send an SMS message to a smartphone
  2. Send an InMail via Linkedin (95%+ open rate)
  3. Comment on a blog post
  4. Send a DM in Twitter
  5. Re-tweet something they posted
  6. Send a handwritten note via snail mail
  7. Connect with their company on Linkedin
  8. Offer them the opportunity to write a guest post for your blog
  9. Invite them to connect with you on Linkedin
  10. Post a photo of them on Pinterest
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