Want to Host Your Own Company TV Show? Talk to the Host of Mad Marketing TV!

Can You Use the Expertise from Mad Marketing TV for your firm? Mad Marketing TV, the terrific marketing and sales show sponsored by Act-On Software and hosted by Jeff Ogden is the world's first "TV on the internet" show. We interview top industry experts and share great thought leadership content. Why not do a thought leadership show for your company? Interview top experts in YOUR industry and share that content online. Here are a few examples:

  • IBM "SmarterPlanetTV"
  • Cisco "Network as the PlatformTV" but it's not just huge companies. This is so cost effective, even small companies can afford it.
  • BillTrust "BillingExpertTV"
To learn more about how to create an online TV show for your company, please contact show host, Jeff Ogden, 516 -495-9350 of at jeff dot ogden@findnewcustomers.com ASAP. To get a taste of how Mad Marketing TV works, just watch the show below and see the list of industry experts who have appeared on the show.
Adele Revella Buyer Personas
Joe Pulizzi Content Marketing
Paul Gillin Social Media
Steve Gershik Lead Nurturing
Jim Burns Innovative content
Jeffrey Hayzlett 2012 Premiere Show
Mac McIntosh Demand Generation
Tim Ash Landing Pages
Andy Betts Marketing in UK & Western Europe
Doug Kessler Content Differentiation
Paul Dunay Facebook Marketing
Mark Schaefer One to One marketing
Randy Garn Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want
Thor Johnson Practical tips on Marketing
David Meerman Scott The New World Of Marketing
Dan McDade The Truth About Leads
Jim Lenskold Marketing Metrics
Maribeth Ross Data Quality
Jonathan Kantor White Papers
Brian Carroll Demand Generation
Colleen Francis How to create a Sales culture for success
Brian Solis Social Media
Shawn Elledge Best of Demandcon
Jenn Lim Delivering Happiness
Bob Apollo Grading your existing marketing ops
Christine "CK" Kerley Mobile Marketing
Mitch Joel TBD
Kendra Lee Email Prospecting
Sharon Drew Morgen Buying Facilitation
Lee Odden Getting Found Online


Global leader for General Electric for The Pedowitz Group. Also the host of the B2B marketing show, Marketing Made Simple TV. We help companies rapidly grow revenue by transforming the ways they attract, engage and win new customers.

With 8 out of 10 companies saying the lack of quality sales leads is their biggest problem, they need help. SiriusDecisions also found that fewer than 1 out of 10 companies that implement lead man...

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