Tips for Working with Independent Sales Reps

Placing productive, independent sales reps is a numbers game. Period. This fact cannot be emphasized too much.

Using a service such as RepHunter will improve those numbers. But you will still most likely need to communicate with several reps to place that one that will ultimately be productive.

For example: to have 10 productive reps you may need to place 30. To place 30 reps you may need to have discussions with 100.

Therefore, it is important that you proceed with the proper understanding. RepHunter provides specific guidance to its members which can prevent months of frustration in getting started with Independent Sales Reps. This guidance includes detailed tips and instructions to cover the following fundamental points.

1. The Best Way to Place Reps

2. Creating a Professional Impression

3. Why Patience and Persistence are Vital

4. The Proper Use of a Letter-of-Intent

- including a sample Letter of Intent that RepHunter members can begin using right away

5. How to Set Commission Amounts

6. How to Prevent Problems with Samples Provided to Reps

7. Proper User of Contracts and Exclusives

- including a Sample Representation Agreement

8. How to Overcome and Even Benefit from Situations Where the Rep Truly Is Not a Good Match for Your Business


For over twenty-five years, Jeffrey Simon has been professionally active in financial management, information systems management, software development, and project management. Most recently he has been a founder and principal owner of RepHunter, Inc., a successful startup conducting business over the Internet. During the last two decades he has been employed by GE Capital, and has consulted for clients including American Express, CIGNA, IBM, and Xcel Energy. He has conducted advanced technology...

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