How to Make Youtube Videos with Windows Movie Maker

To properly create, edit, and upload videos to YouTube is not a difficult process once you do it. Recording the footage, editing it, and uploading it to YouTube can be simple and easy once streamlined. Hopefully the information in this article allows you to streamline this process faster than normal.

First off, you need to record the footage. To do this, I use a the Nikon COOLPIX S550 digital camera. It has a great picture, captures sound really well, has zoom options, and is a great bargain at around $150. If you don’ t have a camera currently, you can use a webcam (not recommended) or buy a flip-camera for $100 or so. The most important thing to consider is the whether or not what you want to use has a microphone – that is essential. Once you have the equipment, go to a quiet place. Look directly at the camera, speak clearly, and be yourself! Being yourself is the most powerful marketing tool there is. People are drawn to genuineness. Then record your footage and transfer it from the recording device to a folder on your computer.

After the footage is recorded, I edit it using Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is standard on PC’s that have Windows Vista. If you don’t have Windows Movie Maker, many free video editing programs exist. If you Google “free video editing software” you will find a ton of them. I will be writing this article with Windows Movie Maker in mind, however I’m sure most other editors will have similar functions.

Finally, uploading the video to YouTube is the next step. I recommend you create a YouTube channel if you are going to be uploading many videos as it makes it really easy to keep them organized. If not, just upload it and copy down the URL.

Steps to Uploading a Video to YouTube are as follows:

1. The first thing you will need to do is have a google or YouTube account (if you don’t go to youtube and create one quick – it’s easy to do).

2. The second step is to log into youtube.

3. Once logged in, there is a big yellow “upload” button at the far right underneath your sign in name and the ‘sign out’ button.

4. Once clicked, it will take you to the Video File Upload screen. When you get there, click on the yellow button that says “Upload Video”.

5. Once you click it, a browser will open up for your computer. Find the video you want to upload, and click open.

*A few things to remember: There is a progress bar in YouTube that shows you how much of the video is uploaded. If your video keeps getting unknown errors, turn this off.

Essentially that is the process for uploading videos to YouTube. While not difficult to figure out, if you record the footage, edit it properly, and upload it to YouTube you will have a very successful channel! For more tutorials and “how-to” articles and videos, go to my blog in my info/bio. Thank you, and I hope to join you on your road_2_success!


I am an online entrepreneur in a marketing company dedicated to the education and success of other entrepreneurs. My goal is to help create many successful home-based businesses centered around online marketing. I currently live in Denver, CO. I love writing informative articles and look forward to sharing them with everyone. Check out my blog here: My Blog!.

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