The Art of Attraction Marketing: What Persists, They Can't Resist

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! Have you heard the news? The news to what really makes your marketing convert?

What persists, they can’t resist!

This isn’t anything new for you hear -- I’m sure. The bigger question is… why? Why aren’t your marketing messages with consistent?

When I promote a tele-course, I always need more than 1 announcement. Yes. Many will show up with one email, but when I really want to make an impact, I send out at least 3 emails regarding the promotion of the event – and that’s a low price item. Now, when I promote a live event, I share the event with emails, faxes, postcards and we even make phone calls for up to six months.

Whether you advertise, send direct mail pieces, make cold-calls or even receive business on a referral basis -- you must follow-up consistently. Even face-to-face networking requires you to show up regularly so you can make relationships with others and gain that “know-like and trust” factor. If your marketing strategies don't seem to be making an impact, maybe it's because you aren't sharing persistent messages.

What habits and behaviors needs to change?

In many cases, lack of consistent marketing means lack of organization, planning and poor habits and behaviors. What is it for you? The good news is… today, you can start a new habit! Look back at your efforts in the last three to six months. Take a serious look and ask yourself… what was persistent and what was spur-of –the-moment marketing? Then ask yourself… what needs to change?

Write it down and add it to your calendar.

Maybe today is the day to stopping resisting and start persisting! Maybe today is your new clients day to stop resisting and start calling.

The truth is… if you want consistent conversation, you must be persistent and consistent. The End.


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