The Art of Being with Fear: Never Be Stopped By Fear Again

You are standing on railroad tracks when you begin to feel the vibration from the train on the metal rails. You consider running home. Then you hear the clatter of the rails from the oncoming train, the train horn, your heart starts to race, your body starts to shake and as you turn to run you are suddenly struck with terror. You begin to sweat and then suddenly you realize the train wasn't going to hit, but just pass you bay. You are still alive, but you have broken through to a whole new level of awareness and reality. What is Fear:

The fear we are talking about is not danger. There is no danger to you. However, fear can feel almost as strong as being hit by a steam train in the emotional realm of our existence.

Fear shows up went you halt, stop, feel stuck and even procrastination. Maybe you have found that something is holding you back but you aren't sure what. Or maybe you are unsure about what to do next? Or maybe suddenly feel like you hit a wall.

Understanding Your Emotions:

Emotions are best described as ocean waves. It rolls in fast, overwhelms you and takes you down. If you were to fight against it you may drown, but once you allow yourself to surface you catch your next breath and feel peace.

Like ocean waves, emotions rolls in and rolls out with force and when we understand this we can experience emotions as an incredible opportunity for growth! When we observe the emotional realm, we learn how to observe our reactions and adjust to make fear our friend. And that allows us to be present with fear instead of running for our known safe house. The emotion of fear is an incredible growth tool.

Let's take a deeper look...

How Do You Navigate Through Your Arenas of Fear?

As you may know your brain loves to hold to the things from past life experiences that are no longer helping you. When you are born your mind was completely open to all experiences equally. You didn't have any preconceived notions! You gave your best in each moment and didn't have any expectations about what might happen in the future. But something happened as we became older. We began to collect every single experience. Some which caused us to quit, some that fueled us to do things differently and some that caused us to try to predict the future.

When we try to predict the future based on past experiences, we play an imaginary game which often ends up feeling like fear. You imagine seeing and feeling the oncoming fear train. The train hasn't reached you - it's always in the future. Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you could imagine seeing only the best possible outcome of everything?

The key to wealth in all areas of your life is to refuse to focus on things that cause you fear, and to eliminate fear from your life.

Some clients have said to me, "How can I NOT focus on fear? There is evidence from past experiences all around."

My answer to them is that you make a DECISION not to indulge the thought or emotion.


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