The Art of HAVING and ATTRACTING The Money You Want In Your Business

When I say, “Think Abundance,” the first thing that comes to most minds is the lack of money flowing around and the fear that nothing is coming in. When I say, “Think Abundance,” around my wealthy clients (meaning they already feel they have plenty of money), I find they think about life experiences and love – not money.

When we have money, our focus goes to something we want. When we don’t have money, our focus goes to money.

I want to take a moment and set things straight around the concept of the millionaire mindset.

Wealth is not about material goods, it’s about being wealthy. It’s about feeling wealthy within always. It’s about embodying the feeling of wealth. For example, the feeling of having money is very different than the feeling of not having money.

Today, I want to talk about HAVING the money you want in your business.

Many entrepreneurs come to me, because their business isn’t where they believe it could be. They are stuck in the creation process. It may be a tactical know-how need or a complete revamp of mindset. Either way, I put them through my wealth attraction evaluation equation.

"The Wealth Attraction Evaluation Equation"

When you have a clear vision, you are wealthy.

...[Vision = Wealthy Entrepreneur + ]...

When you focus your present time on your vision, you attract what you need.

...[Focused Time + Magnet Attraction + ]...

When you feel in alignment with your attractions, you resonant.


When you resonance you grow your business and your assets.

...[Asset + Asset + Asset]...

When assets grow financial wealth is created.

Alternatively, if you aren’t attracting what you need, then you need to recalibrate internally.

Three self-study questions to ask daily are:

1. What am I not allowing?

2. What am I resisting and/or fighting (include feelings, thoughts, emotions, obstacles and even relationships).

3. What would it feel like to really “have” money?

Business wealth creation requires daily focus, by asking regular questions we gain clarity about ourselves, our vision and our intentions.


Our mission at the Life Design School is to help busy entrepreneurs and professionals tap into infinite possibilities so they can create the biggest and best life they want to lead.

JENETH BLACKERT is an entrepreneur lifestyle business designer, speaker and leverage strategist. She has personally taught hundreds of individuals her unique principles and approach to massive success. Her principle system is based on time-honored universal wisdoms. Jeneth has authored of several books, ...

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