Lesson #2: Get Your Work Working Without You

“Not doing my movies doesn’t mean retirement,” says Jameson. “It means more work – and more money.”

Jameson is somewhat of an anomaly within the porn industry. “At the height of my career, we released two [movies] a year,” she says. “I seriously have had less mileage than most women.” In fact, Jameson has not had sex in any films with a male other than her ex-husband in almost ten years. And now, Jameson plans on expanding her business even further without ever having sex on camera again, be it with her ex-husband or anyone else. Just how exactly can a porn star continue to thrive in the business without doing any more adult films?

Jameson has found the answer to that question. Jameson says she and her ex-husband have filmed enough footage already to be able to release two movies a year for the next ten years. That not only frees up Jameson to pursue her other interests, including having a family, but is a smart business movie.

The adult entertainment industry is one that places the highest importance on appearance, and Jameson knows it. “Our looks pay our bills,” she says. “I get Botox and I love it. I’m very expressive and I’m trying to keep lines from appearing.” But Jameson knows that soon those lines will appear, and as she ages, her on screen appeal will decrease. And that is why Jameson has ensured that it will continue to be the youthful looking Jameson on screen for the years to come.

To help her expand Club Jenna without having to personally film any more videos, Jameson has also brought on five additional new actresses to star in her films. “Depending on the contract, the girl usually does anywhere from six to ten movies a year,” says Jameson. “It's mostly about promoting the company. They're out on massive promotions all over the country, just having a great time and being themselves.” Here, too, Jameson has broken the norm in offering her actresses three percent residuals on any film sales over 10,000 copies. Most porn stars receive none.

Although it might come as a shock to her most loyal viewers, Jameson says, “I haven’t done movies for quite a while now. I’m still releasing the movies that I performed in from a while ago.” Jameson has ensured that the film side of her company will continue to function even without her, leaving her free to pursue other goals. “I really don't feel like I have to do movies anymore,” she says. “It's super exciting to be able to focus 100 percent on running my company and promoting my movies, and not have to worry about, ‘Ok, I gotta go and have sex today.’”

But just because Jameson is not directly involved with her films anymore does not mean she cares any less about how they turn out. “My scene with the [new] girls introduces them to my fan base,” she says. “That's my handoff of the football. Don't drop it, bitches!"

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