Lesson #4: Fight To Find Your Place In The Field

“A lot of the times when adult stars try to be a CEO of their own company nobody takes you seriously or thinks you know what you're talking about,” says Jameson. “They talk down to you and act like you don't have a clue.”

Whether it is the public stereotypes or the criticism of industry insiders, Jameson has had to constantly fight against people’s negative perceptions of her. Through all of the name-calling and the insults, Jameson has learned not only how to ignore her critics, but to speak her mind and fight for her right to be heard.

“It's really, really sad,” she says. “I run into that consistently where people are like, ‘Oh, you're just a whore.’ I will always, for the rest of my life, have to fight that stereotype.” But fighting that stereotype, as well as the belief that porn stars cannot also be CEOs is exactly what Jameson has continued to do. She did not back down when people told her she should. Instead, she rose to the challenge and fought her way to the top.

“I’ve always been very open about who I am,” says Jameson. “I’ve had a lot of bad feedback because I don’t hold my tongue.” But that is something that Jameson does not regret, she says. “A woman has a right to be the person that she wants to be. Relying on everybody else’s judgment is what makes this society so sick.”

According to Jameson, the porn industry has more pitfalls “than nearly any other occupation.” That being said, she has struggled to not only find her place within the industry, but to leave her mark.

“I’m also trying to change the way the industry is run, which is mostly headed by men who don’t take women seriously as business people,” says Jameson. “To change things for girls going into the industry, I have to continue. I want to continue.”

And so far, Jameson thinks there have been changes, big changes. “I really think it’s important that people know that the women in this industry are empowered,” she says. “They run it, man. It’s awesome.”

Despite being modest about her successes thus far, Jameson does acknowledge the small role she played in bringing about that change. “I think I set a pace for others to follow and hopefully they surpass the things I have been able to achieve,” she says. “Things are certainly more open than they have been in the past, and the opportunities are definitely out there if you'll work for them.”

Still, even with all the progress that has been made, Jameson would be reluctant to let her own daughter try and make a living as she has. “I’d tie her in the closet,” she says. “Only because this is such a hard industry for a woman to get ahead and get the respect that she deserves. I fought tooth and nail to get to where I am, and it’s not something that I would want my daughter to go through.”

And, as loud as her critics may be, Jameson knows one thing that keeps her going: “This is a billion-dollar industry. So everybody watches porn. It’s just a fact of the matter.”

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