Lesson #5: Build A Brand With Mainstream Appeal

“I always embraced my hard-core roots,” says Jameson, “but becoming a household name was an important thing to me.”

How has Jameson managed to become a household name while other porn stars fade away into the background? One of the reasons is because she has so successfully managed to build up a brand that could easily cross over and appeal to mainstream audiences.

Jameson has made sure that it is not only her loyal porn fans that know who she is. Instead, she has embarked on a carefully planned branding and promotional strategy that has led her from being just a porn star to a true celebrity.

“My name is one of the most downloaded on the Internet and my publicity through working with Howard Stern is huge,” says Jameson. “Then there are the things I've been doing with the E! Channel and the mainstream film things I'm doing too. They all add up.”

Jameson has never been content to film the occasional porn video and then sit back to watch the profits roll in. Rather, she has been constantly pushing herself into the public eye. Whether it was appearing on Howard Stern’s show or in mainstream feature films such as “Private Parts,” Jameson has managed to leverage her celebrity to its fullest extent.

Another step in that process came with the release of her autobiography, “How to Make Love like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale.” A New York Times Bestseller, Jameson believes this book was the turning point in her career, where she went from being a porn star to a respected celebrity and author.

“My book really changed peoples' perspective. Before that, people kind of looked at me as a sex star, a porn star,” she says. “Once they read the book, they realized that there are so many different layers, and that I went through things in my life that a lot of women have, and that I have the same insecurities and the same troubles and the same worries that most women have. I think that it kind of changed things for my career, once I was finally able to get honest and just be truthful with everyone with who I am as a person.”

Portraying herself as the good girl gone bad, Jameson managed to expand her fan base to include thousands of women who believed Jameson was really just like them after all. “I am incredibly acceptable to not only men, but to women,” she says. “I think that women feel akin to me in a way because I'm so incredibly honest about who I am as a person. I'm not this girl, [just] wearing a lot of makeup with big boobs that nobody can access. I'm normal. I'm kind of like the girl next door with a dark side.”

Jameson is now working on getting her autobiography turned into a feature film and is in talks with some of Hollywood’s biggest leading ladies to play her character. If it goes through, it will be just one more way for Jameson to broaden her appeal and introduce herself to mainstream audiences.

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