How To Make An Appointment


The most important thing to remember when making appointments is that you are selling the appointment, not your product or services.

Therefore, you do not want to be talking too much. You can expand on what you have to offer when you get to the appointment.

1. What you need is your opening statement (something you know about them or a referral).

2. Your “interest–grabbing” sentence , something that offers the customer a major benefit to them. Details of how to create this can be found in the E-Book “Top Telesales Techniques That Work! Go to

3. Request the appointment ensuring you give a choice of times so the prospect cannot say “yes” or “no”, e.g. “I’d love to get together with you so we can establish how ______ can work for you. When would be a good time for you next week, Monday or Tuesday?”

Sometimes, you do have to qualify the person to find out whether your product or service would even be of use to the prospect. You would ask no more than three questions after the “interest–grabbing” sentence, repeat back what they said to indicate that you were listening and then go for the “close”.

There are times when people, who already have a current supplier of your type of product or service, will accept an appointment if you say; “Mr Jones, I would like to drop by for six or seven minutes so you know who I am and what we can do for you. I realize that you might not need our services right now but, at least, you will be well informed to make decisions in the future. When would be a good day next week for you, Monday or Tuesday?” People generally do not like having their time consumed so, six or seven minutes is not threatening and you are taking away the fear of being sold as you have acknowledged the fact that they may not need you right now.

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