How To Recruit Great Telemarketers

How To Recruit Great Telemarketers To Promote Your Business

The thing people call me about the most these days is "How can you find a good telemarketer?" My response used to be to advertise in your local newspaper and do the first interview over the phone. After all if the applicant couldn't sell themselves on the phone, they would not have much success in a telesales role.

Nowadays, because good telemarketers are in huge demand and supply is short, my response is to find a good recruitment consultant that specialises in telemarketers, telesales and salespeople. Okay, they might charge $10 an hour more than if you recruited someone direct from the newspaper but their fee includes all the superannuation, workers compensation and their time searching for the right person for your job. If they are good, they will also replace the person for free if they do not work out and, if you are not happy with them in the first 4 hours, you pay nothing. What's more, they won't consider sending you inappropriate applicants and they have a good database of people to notify about your job.

I recently helped the owner of Sydney Princess Cruises recruit directly. I had a list of traits in mind that would not be suitable for a telesales role. I think we had applicants who exhibited each one of these anomalies between them.

The candidate who had done more than 3 jobs in the last year.

The candidate who complained about their current employer or job

The candidate who talked constantly so you couldn't interrupt. He had no listening skills.

The candidate who knew everyone of importance and let you know about it.

The candidate who spent all his time telling you what you should be doing to be more successful.

The candidate who was 10 minutes late.

It took many hours to sift through the initial callers and to interview the shortlist. We chose the best one who left after 2 days so we were back to square one. It is that situation occurring yet again that made me realise it was actually false economy trying to employ people directly these days. Leave recruitment to the people who do it all the time.

The Top 10 things to look for when employing a telesales person/telemarketer in order of importance are:-

1. A Positive Attitude/sense of humour

2. Enthusiasm

3. Evidence of having worked hard in the past

4. A self starter/self motivated

5. A clear and professional voice on phone that sounds friendly

6. Eager to have an incentive scheme to be able to earn more money

7. A team player if working with others

8. Confidence

9. Empathy

10. Persistence

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