If you are in a position of leadership, we cannot understate the importance of demonstrating this key quality. Despite the millions of people who aspire to be leaders, the effectiveness of most of them is lost because they forget to include this most necessary aspect.

Committing to your people requires a skill that cannot be taught. The ability to place others before yourself. To show commitment to their success above your own. If you do not exercise this form of selflessness, you can expect your leadership to be very limited, flawed, and full of issues along the way.

At Leadership Gold, we work with leaders from all over the world. We're constantly surprised at how many supposed "leaders", simply like to hear themselves talk. It's as almost if their self esteem is tied solely to how many people stare at them and follow their instructions. Therefore, they focus more on being at the front of the class, than focusing on their true objective: The commitment that it takes to drive others to succeed. How can you avoid falling prey to this self-defeating leadership temptation?

  • - Take time to show you care: Take time out to let others talk in which you show yourself keen on LISTENING. You prove this by using the three "R's": Relax, re-cap, and repeat the key words they've used to describe their subject matter.
  • - Stop Judging: The fastest way to close doors is to slap judgment down on situations where you only THINK you have all the details. Oftentimes, people aren't even looking for a solution. Instead, what they are really looking for is affirmation and commitment that you will not abandon them while they take on their challenges.
  • - Take Time to Make Time: You are NEVER too busy for your clients or your team. Schedule time to spend with them. Let them know how important it is that you show your commitment to their success.
There are many other key factors that you as a leader can employ to show your commitment. These three will grant you a successful head start in creating a culture that will work in your favor for the long term. Take yourself out of the equation, and your leadership will soar to heights you never before thought possible. Remember, leadership is a servant's role. Success is obtained through committing yourself to the success of those you lead. Change your attitude in this area, and you will positively impact every objective needed to succeed. Your team will follow you to the ends of the earth, and you can expect to leave a permanent, positive stamp on the world as a result.


For the past 19 years, Jerel Benjamin has been a serial Entrepreneur in serving as founder of six corporations all without the assistance of Angel and/or VC Funding. His accomplishments in international product sales and distribution, national sales and marketing strategies, as well as design and construction as a General Contractor, has earned his work a place in Architectural Digest, Image Magazine, UCLA Anderson Riordan Programs, and USC MBA Alumni programs. His import company pioneered glass...

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