"Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better"- Pat Riley

In your personal and professional life, this message should serve as a cornerstone to your core values. The tendency of most who are striving for a goal is the belief that perfection must line the pathway in order to embrace success. In reality, the opposite is true. Goal setting is a path lined with challenges. If you do not expect to encounter these along your way, then you need to seriously evaluate the value of the goal being pursued. While worthwhile goals are always met with challenges, it's the challenges that make the goals worthwhile.

Whatever your goals, you should be relentless in your pursuit of obtaining excellence. It is this excellence that is always required to reach the next level of mastery. Perfection is neither attainable or a worthy goal to be pursued. In fact, perfection is more of a selfish ambition than a worthwhile effort. The reason is simple: You will not attain perfection. This is not in the realm of your possibilities and therefore you can only expect frustration and failure from striving toward such unattainable landmarks. Reaching for perfection is the same as reaching for the moon while standing on Mount Everest. You'll never reach it, and you will have wasted countless hours, days, and energy striving for something that can never be yours.

To that effect, you must first alter your mindset. You live in a world that was built upon the excellence of others, not perfection. Therefore, keep reality in your vision. Realize that you will make mistakes and allow yourself the room to make such mistakes. Be diligent about learning, always pursue more information, education, and humble yourself to be open to changes.

Excellence is a most admired quality. It is this quality that should be the lining of the pathway of your pursuits. Excellence allows others to join by your side and work together towards a common goal. Take advantage of this opportunity in your personal and professional world. Review your goals with a view towards attaining them with excellence at the core of your values. You will reach your goals sooner, and with more power and influence than you ever thought possible.


For the past 19 years, Jerel Benjamin has been a serial Entrepreneur in serving as founder of six corporations all without the assistance of Angel and/or VC Funding. His accomplishments in international product sales and distribution, national sales and marketing strategies, as well as design and construction as a General Contractor, has earned his work a place in Architectural Digest, Image Magazine, UCLA Anderson Riordan Programs, and USC MBA Alumni programs. His import company pioneered glass...

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