The Essence of True Leadership

There are many definitions of a leader. We once asked this question to a group of professionals and the answers were as varied as the people answering the question. John Maxwell once described leadership as being: "The type of person other people want to follow." The keyword in that sentence is want. Not need, required, or other compelling words that make people follow someone's direction. Rather the sense of wanting, implies that if that person had a choice to go elsewhere, they would still prefer your leadership. Can this be said of you? Are you the type of person others want to follow? If this answer is not a resounding yes, then you may want to consider the type of legacy you're leaving behind.

As a nation, this country is in trouble not because of a lack of leadership. There has always been leadership. Unfortunately, it has often been the wrong kind of leadership that is now taking its toll upon millions. Being the type of leader others want to follow takes the ability to connect with your people. Connecting on a level that inspires those who follow you to want better for themselves and the visions they work for. The type of Leadership that requires a self-sacrificing devotion to decisions that affect the greater good. Leadership in excellence that requires a qualities non-existent in those even in the most powerful positions in this country. But it is possible in you. Take the time to set your agendas aside. Consider your outcomes. Consider your motives. Lead for the benefit of the people you represent and they will follow you forever. This is the essence of true leadership. Make it your own, and your efforts are sure to be rewarded.


For the past 19 years, Jerel Benjamin has been a serial Entrepreneur in serving as founder of six corporations all without the assistance of Angel and/or VC Funding. His accomplishments in international product sales and distribution, national sales and marketing strategies, as well as design and construction as a General Contractor, has earned his work a place in Architectural Digest, Image Magazine, UCLA Anderson Riordan Programs, and USC MBA Alumni programs. His import company pioneered glass...

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