Selecting Your Niche Is SImple

Any business person or entrepreneur has to do one very important action before they will get the results that they are expecting.

This is“Selecting A Niche”

Selecting a niche is simply the idea of choosing a specific group of people that you are targeting your marketing towards.

Would you try to market a football pads to an NBA team? Or how about a surfboard to a mountain climber? I don’t think so and if you did try this, you can pretty much dismiss and great success. This is why it is important to choose your niche from the beginning so you have a clear road and plan of what type of ads, etc you need to use.

After your niche is nailed down you must stick to this niche. I suggest that you even go so far as to put this niche on your desktop background to your computer that you work on. For example: I work online in internet marketing and I market and offer a product and service for people to get the freedom they deserve by working from home. I market this way because working from home will create the freedoms in life and the joys in life that people want and need. My desire is to spend time with my family and watch/be with my children everyday instead of being stuck in a factory or office somewhere. I would put “home business” or “make money at home.” This will keep me focused on the task at hand if my mind starts drifting. Setting reminders around your workspace help to keep the mind focused.

Make sure that you stay on task with your ads. Congruency is very important in advertising and keeping your ads pointing to the same direction. Again as earlier, you do not want to create an ad that shows a picture of a car and then when they click on your ad, it tries to sell them an airplane. It Just Doesn’t Work like that!

Keep it smart and keep it simple. Take action each and everyday! You will be successful!


I currently work online as a business advisor, mentor, and entrepreneur and love what I do because of the freedom that this work gives to an individual.  I enjoy helping others dig deep and find the motivation inside of themselves in order to create a successful life.  Everyone already has 99% of what it takes to be successful. A mentor of mine always said, "just help them find the 1% that's left."  I have 3 daughters whom are my world and that is the driving motivation behind "wh...

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