How to Accelerate Small Business Marketing Momentum

What's keeping you from reaching new success with your small business? If you're like many small business owners the problem is that your marketing efforts have leveled off and your list of prospects isn't growing as fast as it used to grow. Prospects are the life-source of any company. It is from your list of prospects that you develop clients. In order to take your business to the next level you need to ramp up your small business marketing momentum. In other words, you need to figure out how to reliably accelerate the rate at which you add prospects.

Building marketing momentum is like kicking a ball down a hill that keeps getting steeper. Each time the hill becomes a little steeper the ball will roll faster and pick up momentum. In marketing, any tactic you add or improve to attract more attention to your business is like making the hill a little steeper. The steeper the hill gets, the more prospects, and therefore clients, you will add.

Here are 3 ideas you can use to accelerate your small business marketing momentum.

Try New Ideas

The other day I was talking to Ed who runs a successful metal shining business. I asked him how he went about generating new sales. He told me that 100% of his marketing effort is networking. I couldn’t help but wonder why. I realize that he is doing well with it but if he simply placed an ad in the yellow pages that generated just one sale a year he would cover the cost of the ad and be more profitable!

Even though Ed’s networking efforts are successful he is limiting his ability to grow his business by only implementing one form of marketing. By simply trying something new in addition to networking Ed can benefit from developing a new way to generate leads and build his marketing momentum.

Is your marketing effort one dimensional or stagnant? Try stepping outside of your marketing comfort zone and see how comfortable you can be with more business.

Communicate Unmistakable Value

A common business-inhibiting mistake made by otherwise successful small business marketers is to focus their marketing material on who their company is and what their products and services are. In taking such an approach with your marketing you risk alienating potential clients because doing so fails to communicate value.

A better approach is to focus your marketing material on the problems you solve and results you provide. A great marketing message will achieve these goals and generate considerably more interest in what you do than a company focused marketing. Does your advertising, marketing material and website quickly, clearly and precisely demonstrate the value of your products or services? How do you know? Have you ever put yourself in your clients' shoes and considered your marketing from their perspective?

Communicate outstanding, compelling value with your marketing message and you will find that more people show interest in what you do. The result will be more sales.

Develop Your List of Prospects

Most people aren't going to become your client or customer the first time they visit your website or pick up the phone and call. Some will, but most won't. Businesses that enjoy marketing momentum and continued growth are very good at ultimately winning business from the group that isn't ready to buy right away. The key to these companies success is they realize that people who aren't ready to buy today are gathering information and are eventually going to buy from someone. So what do the most successful companies do? They give away as much useful information as they can in exchange for their prospects' contact information and the right to continue providing information (marketing) to them. In sodoing, they build their list of prospects, demonstrate their value over time and grab an ever larger share of their market.

Move Your Marketing Forward

If your marketing efforts aren’t helping you reach your goals you can improve your results by implementing any one of the tactics outlined above. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with and take small measured steps toward realistic goals and you will enjoy more prospects, clients and success.


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