Print Media vs Web Marketing

In the world of yesterday, print media was the only major type of media (besides the high cost of television or radio) that most marketers would use to advertise their product or service. Whether it was newspaper, magazines, yellow pages advertising or fliers, the same ad could be used between the types of media because it was all print. The trouble with all print media is in the area of accessibility and cost. Potential clients without a subscription to the newspaper or magazine never would see your carefully designed ad.

In the world of today's marketing there are two major types of media; print media and web-based media.

The internet has completely and radically changed how marketing is done. Although most homes have some kind of internet service that they pay for, you can find free internet access at many locations throughout most major cities. The internet is a free network of every kind of product or service that anyone could want. Free classifieds like craigslist provides a way for marketers and seekers to connect without a cost to either side. With the ease at which the internet is accessible and the fact that there is little to no cost to find information, the internet has become a powerful form of media indeed.

The reality is that now there is about a 50/50 ratio in which a company's marketing budget should consist. Companies that only market via the internet find great cost savings but lose a tremendous amount of visibility and opportunities that are available only in the print media world. Alternately, companies that advertise via print-based media only have exorbitant overhead costs for marketing that can bankrupt their operating budget. The positive side, though, is very high visibility. Although many marketing firms believe that their is a war between these two types of media, the truth of the matter is that both are equally important in marketing today.

Marketing 2.0 is the key that helps unite these two very different sides of marketing and allow them to work seamlessly as a whole. By working with a Marketing 2.0 specialist you will find significantly lower costs paralleled by significantly higher results in your marketing endeavors. Consult with a marketing 2.0 expert today to strategize a better balance to your marketing budget.


With over 15 years of executive level management and marketing experience, Jeremy has enjoyed helping businesses grow and prosper. Jeremy has been self-employed since right out of high school and has seen the growth of several companies. His greatest experience is in technology and finance. Jeremy currently is the President and Owner of Leaders Moving Forward which helps companies lower expenses, grow their business and build up leaders. 

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