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Achieving a higher ranking on Google and other search engines is the main goal of many website owners. The important point to keep in mind though is that you first need to optimise your website for site visitors, and then optimise it for the search engine.

Actually, when doing your SEO or if an SEO company is doing our optimisation, both can be done at the same time as usually optimising a website to improve usability will help your website achieve better ranking.

Many people wonder though if SEO and usability can be done together and are compatible.

First of all there is the keyword research. Doing keyword research does not only help for pay per click management. If done before the site is built, it will tell you which keywords are being searched the most, thus enabling to optimise your content around those words or phrases. By doing that, you will also, as some people say, speak the same language as your visitors.

Speaking of content, it is important to have between two hundred and around four hundred words minimum per page. The first reason is that search engines like Google could find it hard to work out the point of a page that is less than 200 words. The second reason being that the more information you’ve got on your page the longer people will stay on it. But do not cram the page with thousands of words though. That is surely one of the first thing an SEO company will tell you here.

Quality content is very important. And by providing unique content to your website regularly other websites will even want to like to your site. This is form of link building is called link baiting and can drive a lot of traffic to your site.

Another point is actually the time taken for a page to come up. Whether it is for the search engine or a human visitor, the time it takes for a page to be displayed should be as short as possible and we tend to say that a page should not really be more than one hundred kb.

Those are only few points that will hugely improve your website, and there are many more. It is best to go to an SEO company or at least to get them as consultant to tell you what to do to get your website higher in the search engines.


Jeremy is working for White Hat Media, a Search engine marketing and SEO company providing SEO services, like Link Building, Pay Per Click Management and many other Internet marketing services.

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