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When doing or reading about pay per click management you will often ear about your landing pages, but what is it exactly?

A landing page is a specific page on your web site that a visitor will reach after clicking an ad on Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine.

A landing page will often be customized in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, as a way to both monitor the effectiveness of paid ads but also as a way to supply copy, images, or other content that is specifically targeted to the advertisement in the campaign.

Without any effective landing page for each ad campaign you undertake, you are just simply and bluntly wasting your money. The ads attract the prospect's interest, but the landing pages are supposed to pick up where the ad leaves off and lead the prospect to the buying button, the newsletter sign up or any other action that you want them to achieve.

Your landing page has to convince the visitor to stay and buy, read, or fill a form. There are various different ways and thing to do to improve your landing page though, but the key is to keep testing it all the time and of course to monitor the results to make the necessary changes. You should never forget to think all the time about your user and the way they will react when seeing your landing page. This last sentence can actually also be used when doing any SEO on your site.

It appears now that Google's pricing for AdWords as well as the quality score given include a component that looks at the quality of landing pages and their relevance to the ads and keywords. Before the landing page algorithm was launched, Google used to use the click through rate (CTR) as a way to determine not only what the quality the ad was, but also how good the overall experience for the visitor was.

Unfortunately, advertisers who provided a poor user experiences on the landing page could also write a high quality ad or even worse, a misleading one to promote it, resulting in an ad with a high CTR but poor user experience and most of the time a poor conversion ratio. So by having good landing pages, you will not only increase your amount of sales, but also make savings on your PPC accounts by spending less per click.

Your daily budget will obviously also last longer all through the day resulting in more clicks and once again more sales for you.


Jeremy is working for White Hat Media, a Search engine marketing and SEO company providing SEO services, like Link Building, Pay Per Click Management and many other Internet marketing services.

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