Implementing a Results Only Work Environment

Implementing a Results Only Work Environment Recently, Best Buy's corporate office implemented a Results-Only Work Environment, following focus group sessions which revealed that employees most wanted TRUST from their leadership team. Best Buy has benefited so far from reduced voluntary staff turnover, a 35% increase in productivity, and immense improvements in employee satisfaction. Use our to get started on this path.

What is a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE)?

A Results-Only Work Environment is a modern approach to management that does not assume that physical time spent in the office equates to higher employee productivity. The goal of the program is to judge performance based on output, not on hours spent in the office or attending meetings.

What's Required for a Successful ROWE Program?

  • Self-motivated & Professional Staff - a ROWE for a contact center full of recent University graduates is not the optimal culture to implement this type of work environment. Professional Services organizations and corporate offices are ideally suited for a ROWE culture.
  • Web-Based Information Systems - as ROWE calls for more 'flex-time' and working remotely, access to information systems such as email, phones, CRM, ERP, or other back-office systems becomes critical. Be sure to discuss your remote access policies and procedures with I/T before making a decision.
  • Program Milestones & Metrics - as with any major program, gauges for success must be set-up and monitored through the entire implementation. Common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) include: productivity, employee satisfaction, efficiency metrics, and voluntary employee turnover rates.
Action Plan:

  1. Conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey - use Demand Metric's to anonymously gather staff feedback.
  2. Discuss with Senior Management - discuss the ROWE concept, together with employee satisfaction survey results, and voluntary turnover costs.
  3. Get some Help - Best Buy has spun off a consulting firm, Culture Rx, which is using a proven methodology to help organizations transition to a ROWE.


Jesse Hopps founded Demand Metric in October 2006 and is the active President & CEO, focusing on sales & product development. Prior to Demand Metric, Jesse worked as an independent consultant specializing in Internet Marketing and Business Continuity Planning. He began his career with the Info-Tech Research Group in London, Canada, where he helped contribute to their explosive growth. Jesse holds a business degree...

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