The Game Called Public Relations

Although public relations is incredibly accessible and simple, it remains the most underutilized marketing tools for today's small business owner.

The main reason is that a large percentage of small business owners simply haven't taken the time to learn the rules and regulations of this game called Public Relations.

But, here's the good news. The public relations game isn't very hard to play. Unlike the card game of Bridge (which can take a lifetime to learn and perfect), the game of public relations is relatively simple.

If you want to get into the PR game, here are three rules that you must understand:

1. You Need To Know How To Win The Game. Believe it or not, most small business owners don't understand how to win in the PR game. Yet, winning is a very simple and straight-forward process: the winner of the PR game provides the public with an interesting, captivating and compelling story. Game over.

2. The Media Decides Who Will Sit At Their Table. When it comes to playing with the media, you can't just waltz over and sit down at their table. You need to be invited. That being said, you will only be invited if you have a story that benefits them. Believe it or not, the media isn't interested in you; they are only interested in winning the game.

Therefore, you can increase your chances of getting invited to their table by providing them with a winning story about you and your small business that they simply can't refuse.

3. Flexibility Is the Name Of the Game. The fact is, that the media can (and will) change their mind. They can postpone, change or completely dump a story. You really don't have any say in the matter. So, instead of getting upset and angry, decide right here and now that if you play with the media you will always be a flexible team-player.

As you can see, the Public Relations is a fairly simple game to play. And, once you understand the rules, it won't take long for you to become a top-player.


Jessica Swanson is the Founder and CEO of Shoestring Marketing, a marketing agency that provides low-cost marketing services to small business owners.

Head on over to Jessica's website to download her free Shoestring Marketing Kit to discover hundreds of ways to market your own small business without spending a lot of money.

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