Which is the Most Important Component?

When I’m talking about the Dynamic Components of Personal Power I’m sometimes asked which component is the most important. It would be easy to say all of them. If pressed, I’d say DISCIPLINE…

Here’s a quick primer for those who aren’t familiar with my philosophy:

I’ve spent over 20 years practicing, studying and teaching martial arts. A good description for what we know today as martial arts would be “the art of power”. Whether we’re trying to improve a punch or kick, or develop a deeper understanding of the potential of the mind and spirit, we’re really talking about the development and application of power.

Power is our capacity to act and perform effectively. Power is our capacity to produce results.

As I learned more about power in martial arts I realized that the same principles at work in the “dojo” (training hall) would work in real life as well. I developed Dynamic Components of Personal Power to organize these principles and apply them in my personal and business life. I started writing and speaking to share these ideas with others.

Here’s a paragraph from my book that explains the Dynamic Components:

“Power is expressed effectively when you control three basic components: balance, focus and timing. You develop power through motivation, discipline and time. The sources of human power are body, mind and spirit; in order to cultivate power you need to constantly develop and nurture your body, your mind and your spirit.”

That’s it!

I’ve organized the “Components” into three simple “Triangles”. The Power Triangle shows how power is applied; its components are:




The Kung Fu Triangle organizes the three components necessary to develop personal power; they are:




The Energy Triangle contains the sources of human power and energy:




Of course, like anything simple, developing power is not easy. The cultivation, development and application of power requires dedication, practice and perseverance.

So, which “Component” is the most important? If I’ve got to pick one, I’ll say: DISCIPLINE.

Discipline is the creation and application of habits that will contribute to your success. Discipline is what you rely on when motivation starts to fade. Discipline is what keeps you going when the going gets tough, when you face failure, adversity and pain.

Most of all, discipline is your edge when the other people lack the stamina to stay in the race.

Martial artists like to talk a lot about “secrets”. The legends of martial arts is full of stories of secret techniques, secret powers and secret teachings.

The real “secret” of the martial arts is PRACTICE, through practice you create DISCIPLINE, and through DISCIPLINE you generate power and success.


Martial arts transformed Jim's self-perception from that of a drug-abuser and failure to successful entrepreneur and Black Belt! 

Speaker, media personality and author of Amazon bestseller THINK Like a BLACK BELT, Jim tours internationally to share his philosophy of Black Belt Mindset with coporate and conference audiences. He's a regular guest on radio and TV programs including FOX News, BBC Worldview and F...

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