Are You Undertrained? 10 Easy and Straightforward Ways to Know

As professional salespeople with positive attitudes and a bit of ego, most in the selling profession would like to believe that they possess a good deal of knowledge and most likely do. But, can it be honestly stated that they really have all the knowledge that they need in order to get more than their fair share of business opportunities? Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to determine if you could benefit from ongoing professional development which would give you a powerful money-making edge in your sales career. edge in your sales career.

1) Have you ever been engaged in a sales opportunity that was going very well when it just stop cold and you never understood why?

2) Have you ever greeted a customer and heard the dreaded 'Just Looking' response and didn't know what to do?

3) Have you ever wondered why a prospect was ice-cold toward you for no apparent reason?

4) Have you ever done all the legwork for a client and then discovered that he or she bought someplace else, often within just a few hours?

5) Have you ever been frustrated with the fact that someone is selling the same product or service for less money and didn't know what to do to overcome that fact with your prospects?

6) Have you ever taken the upsetting ride on the emotional rollercoaster that many people associate with commissioned selling and didn't know how to effectively handle it?

7) Have you ever gotten into an argument with a customer or generated a customer complaint?

8) Have you ever felt that you had to compromise your ethics or integrity to meet sales targets?

9) Have you ever had a customer ask "what's your best price?" and didn't know what to do to retain your gross profit?

10) Do you approach every prospect with full confidence or do you sometime experience a little fear in the pit of your stomach?

Any "yes" answer tells you that there is work to be done. I'm sure that with a little thought you would be able to add considerably to this list of challenging situations that you haven't mastered yet. After all, it is just a list of some of what striving salespeople encounter each working day in the marketplace. My point is, if you are experiencing situations at work, or in your life in general, that are holding you back, you can easily overcome many of them with comprehensive and ongoing professional development. Or, you can keep experiencing these career limiting obstacles. The really nice thing about this element of your career and life is, "you always get to choose the outcome you want to experience".


Recognizing the need for professionalism and training in all areas of selling and serving, Jim wrote his sales training book, "Getting Paid is Good!!" to share his extensive experience and success with those pursuing a career in the selling field. 

Jim is passionate about helping individual salespeople raise the standard with regard to the level of masterful service available to consumers throughout the buying experience.

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