Customer Service - On A 1-10 Scale It Was 12.5

Just getting back from seven days at the Westin Hotel in Puerto Vallarta.

The purpose of this trip was to meet with my mastermind group - Master

Speakers International. We've been meeting four times a year for the last 10


The city was great and the hotel was good but it didn't rate a 12.5 score.

Let me explain:

Pedro - he gets the 12.5!

He was the doorman. An extraordinary doorman. I couldn't help but notice all

the little and positive things he did with his customers. He gave new meaning

to the words customer service.

From the neck down he had a body like Woody Allen - maybe even smaller.

From the neck up he reminded me of Billy Crystal.

He was animated, energetic, and funny in a subtle way.

Last Wednesday, as Bernadette and I were going to dinner, a taxi pulled up

and a 50 something guest greeted Pedro with, "Pedro, I'm back and it's so

good to see you again. I have a gift for you."

Pedro made you feel special when he was waving at you - as you are entering

or leaving the hotel. It wasn't like a royal wave with a stiff outstretched palm

with a rotating cupped hand.

No, when he waved his little fingers were fluttering like he was simultaneously

playing the piano and conducting a symphony.

He greeted everyone like a long lost friend.

I asked him, "Pedro, what makes you so special to all of the guests at the hotel

- everybody likes you so much?"

He responded with a great deal of humility. "I'm just a doorman," he said.

In a low-key way, which is hard for me to do, I repeated the question.

He said, "I just want everybody to be happy and have fun when they're here at

the Westin Hotel."

He was always smiling.

He always had a bounce to his step.

His eye contact was strong and focused on his guests.

He is a small man with a large presence.

His impact is powerful and memorable.

His job description probably says - doorman.

Even Pedro thinks he's just a doorman.

Pedro is not really a doorman, he's an Ambassador, for the Westin Hotel. In

my book he rates a 12.5 on a 1-10 scale. He should be Director Of Customer


I'm sending a copy of this to the CEO of the Westin hotels, and if he has any

sense he will give Pedro some recognition for his obviously outstanding job


I also recommend a big peso bonus for the hotel's premier Ambassador.

What are you doing to become the Ambassador role model for your




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