The 3-Most Powerful Words in Sales

The 3 most powerful words in sales. They are probably not what you think they are.

You see, it's not something most entrepreneurs and professional salespeople give much thought to, especially when they're calling on new sales prospects.

Day in and day out salespeople are focused on making sales and I guess that's the way it should be.

But what if you could make one change in your daily routine, just one minor adjustment that would enable you to run circles around your competition. Would you be interested in that?

The 3 most powerful words in sales are really derived from a contrarian point of view. It has to be contrarian because so many salespeople just don't think about it.

But if you did - your selling results would take off, like a US Shuttle Mission.

Okay - it's time for a confession. I didn't think of these 3 words. Well, actually I did but it was because of something I read.

In one of my recent newsletters I talked about a fabulous golf book I was reading titled, "Fearless Golf."

The 3 key words in this book are, "What's my target?"

Well, that got me thinking, I do a lot of that 'ya know.

How can I apply these 3 golf words to the professional selling environment?

If "What's my target" are the 3 most powerful words for every golfer, especially amateurs like me, how can I transform these words to work for entrepreneurs and professional salespeople?

After thinking about this for 5 nanoseconds, it suddenly dawned on me what the 3 most powerful words in sales would be.

Are you ready?

These 3 words can literally transform your selling effort and take your selling results to the next level - regardless what that is. Your sales prospects will be more responsive to you.

So - here they are for you.

The 3 most powerful words in sales are "What's my objective?"

Every day, salespeople get flustered and lose their focus because they are bombarded with interruptions and distractions.

Asking yourself repeatedly throughout the day, "What's my objective," will keep you focused on what you need to be focused on.

For example - what's my objective . . . when . . .

==> Calling for an appointment

==> During my first sales call

==> Asking the right questions

==> Handling the price objection

==> Preparing sales proposals

==> Closing the sale

==> Getting referrals

. . . you get the picture.

Trying to stay focused on "What's my target" when playing golf is like trying to stay focused on "What's my objective" when you're making sales calls.

Of course, it's easy to say and very hard to do.

During every selling day, when you stay focused on "What's my objective," you'll avoid appearing and becoming discombobulated.

Instead your sales prospects and customers will see you as an extraordinary and focused sales professional.

The 3 most powerful words in sales are "What's my objective?"

Now you know them, I hope you'll use them every selling day.

Remember - the 3 most powerful words in sales are, "What's my objective?"

Ignore them and you risk being in the mediocrity brigade.

Use them and you'll win more sales in less time.



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