The Resolution Solution

I am very fortunate in that last May I began a regular workout and exercise schedule at a local health club facility. Between May and the new year, I was pleased that I had made it three times each week. The credit for much of my consistency belongs to my workout partner.

We had just settled into a nice routine three evenings a week when January 1st rolled around. The following day, we went in for our regularly scheduled workout, and I was amazed to find a multitude of people occupying the space where we had been exercising all by ourselves for months. These people had obviously been bitten by the dreaded "resolution bug."

It took us twice as long to work out and was not nearly as much fun because we were not able to carry on a conversation during our exercise. We both commented on the fact that it was becoming intolerable, and we did not want to continue our regular workouts under these conditions.

Fortunately for us-but unfortunately for those bitten by the "resolution bug"-within three short weeks, our workout facility was back to normal, and it was once again uncrowded and convenient.

Although I'm glad to have my exercise environment back to normal, I can't help but think of all those people who had made a commitment, bought new workout clothes, and rushed off to the health club immediately after the new year rolled around. All of their excitement and good intentions lasted less than three weeks.

I've heard it said that anything that you can do for 21 days will begin to become a habit. This doesn't mean that the habit is permanent, but it means you will start to feel strange or awkward after 21 days if you do not pursue the new activity in your life.

While the track record of new year's resolutions are dismal, at best, I am pleased to report my own exciting discovery. Announcing the "resolution solution". You will be pleased to know that a new year, new decade, or new millennium can begin in any area of your life the day you decide to make a

change. We are not stuck with arbitrary dates on a calendar. Instead, we change our lives when we change our minds. You can change your mind any day you want to.

Select the things you want in your life and embrace them as new habits. Then next year when the new year rolls around, you will feel sorry for all of those people bitten by the "resolution bug." You're only one decision away from anything you want.

Today's the day!


Jim Stovall has been a national champion Olympic weightlifter, the President of the Emmy Award-winning Narrative Television Network, and a highly sought after author and platform speaker. He is the author of the best selling book, The Ultimate Gift, which is now a major motion picture starring James Garner and Abigail Breslin. Steve Forbes, president and CEO of Forbes magazine, says, “Jim Stovall is one of the most extraordinary men of our era.” For his work in making television acc...

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