How to Get Clicks on Email Links - EVEN When the prospect is NOT INTERESTED!

I'm gonna give you an EMAIL TRICK that can get you a surprisingly high click-thru on YOUR OWN email links!

But before I do - I have to warn you (and I know most people won't even listen to me, but I could at least try).

You have to promise if you're going to read about this trick, you will only use it occasionally. It won't work if you keep using it.

AND you have to promise not to use it as a TRICK and only use it in legitimate cases when it applies to your email.

Deal?Here goes...

Yesterday's email had an UNUSUALLY high click-thru rate. Much higher than normal.

Not that I care about click-thru. Just my autoresponder shows stats to me anyway.

I know why -- I used a technique that came to me when I received an email from some Gooroo product trial years ago. It was the first time (maybe second time actually) I used it in my life.

But the funny thing is, I'm pretty sure the guy I learned it from had NO idea he was doing it. And it was completely unintentional on his part.

At the time, Said-Gooroo asked me to Joint Venture promo for his new product in a generic email sent to all his JV big boys. He asked us to sign up for free access so we can see the product we'd be promoting.

I had no intention of promoting it. haha.

But I was interested in seeing what he was up to. So I signed up...

And got an email shortly after welcoming me on board and giving my login details.

But in that message, it also stated that "A small number of people have had trouble accessing their accounts. We're trying to track down the error. So if you aren't able to access your account let us know."

Like I said, I wasn't interested in promoting the product. What's more, I didn't really feel like checking it out right then and there.

Except this little message made me ITCH to click the link and make sure I wasn't one of those "few people" whose access wouldn't work.

The light-bulb went on. (in my head, not in the room - Gooroos don't have the power to hook up their hyperlinks to your electric system, don't worry).

I vowed that next time I had a potential bug I was looking for, rather than keeping it on the downlow, I'd use the "few people" line and get my subscribers to help me track it down. makes people who ARE NOT EVEN interested in your link, it makes them WANT to click it just to see if they're one of the "few people" it won't work for.

Who knows why...but it's psychological and psychology is sexy for you guys. Haha. Though you really should just pick up some books in the non-fiction section of the library on Psychology instead of relying on second-hand tricks.

Pretty sure a bunch of people are gonna start using this trick and ignore my warning that it has to be for a LEGITIMATE reason. But whatever. It's their funeral.

What's the moral of this story?

I've got about 50 million sales tricks just like today's, picked up over YEARS of veteranning in this marketing industry. And they're all "psychological" and oober-cool.


Jim Yaghi is an Advertising Consultant and Traffic Expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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