My secret "To Do" list Motivation


I don't know about you, but I've kept a "To Do" list for the past few years and it's a really effective way to make sure I get work done every day.

But once in a while, even my to-do list isn't enough to motivate me to do stuff I don't enjoy doing.

Like there's one bit of client work that's been on my to-do list all week and it just refuses to get done.

And I've tried all sorts of strange ways like bribing myself with some fun activity while doing my work. Sometimes it's to have a movie playing on my cinema PC while working.

Other times it's to have some fast-paced music going in the background.

Sometimes it's to have a cup of something hot or even a snack to munch on while working.

But procrastination STILL gets the better of you, no matter what you do to motivate yourself to work on that one task, nothing works.

Before you know it, days have gone by, and the ugly task is STILL staring you in the face every day.

It's enough to make you give up on the to-do list all together!

So when all else fails, I discovered one technique that works every time.

*Break the task up into smaller ones and replace one ugly task with lots of little ugly ones.*

Well I did that today, and believe it or not, I actually finished all 8 sub-tasks of this client work this morning.

I'm feeling pretty good.

That's just one of lots of tricks up my sleeve that I gained after lots of financial loss, business setbacks, experiments, and reading.

Better yet...I've been doing traffic, sales, and marketing for clients for more than 5 years. I've helped THOUSANDS of people get more profit from their business.

Imagine how much experience I can share with you. There's no challenge you're facing right now that I don't have a quick and easy solution for...


Jim Yaghi is an Advertising Consultant and Traffic Expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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