Why Social Traffic may NEVER go VIRAL for you!

Ughh I'm still dizzy from a Brazilian Steak dinner experience.

It's been an "off day" for me -

I like to take mine 3-4 days at a time and do nothing but bum about it in bed ALL FREAKING DAY...

Ok that never really happens. I still work off the ole iPhone.

But it's in bed, and I barely wear anything, and that's what counts.

Yesterday, I received several Press Releases in my bed-office, to check.

Our writing team, headed by Karen, is creating them as part of a Social commotion campaign that involves our traffic and assistant teams too.

The client we're working for is in the Film industry; they came to us looking for Viral Promotion of their new movie. And oh yeah, we can market anything for anyone, you know it.

Here's why we did the Press Releases for what SHOULD be a SOCIAL campaign...

Marketing is done in 3 modes:

- Interruption Marketing,

- Referral Marketing,

- and Search Marketing.

Of the three, INTERRUPTION (the act of diverting people engaged in some other activity to your offer) is the least effective.

REFERRAL/word-of-mouth, particularly when inspired and UN-incentivised, is the MOST effective but the hardest of all.

And SEARCH, which begins with an interested prospect actively searching for you, is the most immediate and scalable (especially PPC).

The trouble with Social Marketing, is that it depends on interruption to gain attention.

Its advantage, however, is that it yields referrals - IF the content successfully inspires "mass sharing".

But this means that referral marketing requires an EXISTING AUDIENCE of fans...WITHOUT whom you'll go nowhere.

And this is why most marketers FAIL with social media alone...since it's SO difficult to inspire sharing when you don't have an existing fanbase who will seed and give momentum to sharing activity.

Plus, only a TINY percentage of any audience shares anyway, whether or not they like what they see.

The solution...

Begin with search-marketing to gain a list of INTERESTED READERS who love everything you do and share everything you put out.

Which is what the press-releases Karen wrote for the client do. They're for Search Marketing.

Actively interested movie-lovers will be searching out their favourite stars, writers, directors, and movie genres...where our articles will turn up. Then they'll discover our social content -- which when inspired, they'll share.

That's the simple version.

We actually do a lot more magic to make a thing go viral...but Search Marketing is ALWAYS the starting point.

And if you're interested in traffic, but you're pissing around on social media, you're wasting your time...

That is, Until you build a list with search FIRST.

PPC is the FASTEST way to build a list with search marketing.


Jim Yaghi is an Advertising Consultant and Traffic Expert, with a background in Artificial Intelligence.

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