3 Reasons You Should Play Role-Playing Games

There’s been an age-long argument about whether games are good or bad, whether they affect us positively or negatively.

The reason for this argument isn’t far-fetched: the number of game lovers has steadily been on the rise. In the United States of America, 99 percent of boys and 97 percent of girls spend at least an hour playing video games.

Games can mean different things to different people. For some, playing games is just another avenue to waste precious time that could be spent on beating that deadline or figuring out that complicated project.

For some others, playing games is the perfect way to avoid being another proverbial Jack, who spends all his time working and none for playing.

While there are various kinds of games that people play, this article will dwell more on role-playing games and several reasons why you should start playing them if you’ve never tried them – or keep playing them if you already do.

But, what are role-playing games?

Role-playing games are games in which players take on the roles of imaginary characters who engage in adventures, typically in a particular computerized fantasy setting overseen by a referee.

There are different kinds of role-playing games, each played in different ways.

There’s the Tabletop role-playing game, the live action role-playing game, which is more immersive, and also those that are computer-based. As it is with most games, one or more players can play role-playing games at the same time.

Now that you know about role-playing games, here are 3 reasons you should play games like these:

1. Boosts Creativity

This may sound strange, especially to those who aren’t exactly the biggest game fans, but role-playing games really do boost creativity.

Role-playing games usually need the player to solve one mission or the other or complete one task or the other. And since most role-playing games are stories being told or recounted, the imagination is stimulated several times during the course of the game. With this, the player gradually becomes more creative with real life issues.

2. Encourages Problem Solving

Role-playing games usually have several challenges embedded in them. So, with each different level comes a different difficulty.

As the player progresses in the games, he/she is required to solve new challenges. With each challenge surpassed, there’s a surge of confidence in the ability of the player to take on the next stage, knowing how well he/she has performed in the previous stage.

This transcends into the real world. The problem-solving skill of the player increases – as he gradually develops the confidence that he can take on any task or challenge.

3. Encourages Teamwork

Ever played a multi-player game with a friend before? You remember how well you guys bonded and climbed up different game levels so fast? That’s what games, especially role-playing games, can help you to do.

While you’re helping each other accomplish a task, or rescue a hostage, or save the world, the team player in you is getting stronger. And when next you’re required to work in a team on a project at the office, the team player in you will be ready to go.

These are just some of the reasons you should play role-playing games. Don’t see these games as a waste of time or a luxury you can’t afford. Get in the game, and see for yourself how it positively impacts your person.


Jimmy Rohampton is a freelance writer, blogger and business consultant from Southwest London. He travels the world and helps people master blogging and online marketing at HowToCreateABlog.org. Think you're interesting and he should know you? Say "Hi" to him at Jimmy@HowToCreateABlog.org

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