4 Advantages of Durabase Mats over Other Bog Mats

The daily activities of man have led to so much environmental degradation. The components of the environment are steadily deteriorating and little is being done to put the damage under control.

One of the major receptors of this damage is the ground soil. Soil degradation can be defined as any ecological disturbance to the soil, and this can mostly be related to the activities of man, ranging from deforestation to the making of roads with impenetrable materials leading to ground loss and the use of heavy duty machinery on the soil with little or no protection at all.

But with time, man has managed to set into place various measures to protect this vulnerable component of the environment, and one of these measures is the production of the bog mat.

Bog mats are sturdy heavy duty materials designed to give temporary access solution, enable heavy duty machinery move around construction sites without damaging the ground and also provide a stable base for the heavy machinery.

Also, in a world where time can be equated to money, bog mats enable a faster and easier access for machinery to water-logged and slippery areas, thereby removing any delay whatsoever to the on-going project.

Bog mats come in different forms. We have the wood mat, steel mat, crane mat, durabase mat, and the so forth. However, the purpose of this article is to emphasize on the advantages of the durabase bog mat over the other bog mats.

Here are 4 advantages of Durabase mats over other bog mats:

1. Lesser Transportation Costs

Unlike the other bog mats, such as the wood mat which retains more moisture over time leading to an increase in its weight, the Durabase bog mat is light and doesn’t retain moisture. And with a thickness of 108mm and a 427m x 2.44m dimension, it requires fewer truckloads, leading to lesser costs of transportation.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Most bog mats aren’t easily sanitized. They require more labour and time because of their nature of easy retention of contaminants such as hydrocarbons, which could easily spread across the construction site.

Durabase bog mats are in total contrast, however. They have no space to retain any contaminant whatsoever and they can also be easily cleaned and recycled – an attribute many other bog mats cannot boast of because sooner or later they get incinerated and disposed of.

3. Poses Lesser Risk

Lots of bog mats pose risks in their own different ways. For example, the wood mat might contain hazardous components like loose nails, exposing people to the danger of penetration if mistakenly stepped upon. With Durabase bog mats, the case is different: it has hole pins that allow for a solid interlocking system so there won’t be any loose nail or slippage. More so, it’s easier to install and remove, so you don’t need all that extra labour and cost.

4. Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

The estimated product life cycle of the Durabase bog mat is 15 years. Some other bog mats, such as the wood mat, have a 3-4 year life cycle after which they are disposed of leaving no opportunity for a high return on investment. But with Durabase bog mats having such a long product life cycle, you get the opportunity to fully maximize ROI.

We could go on and on about the advantages of Durabase bog mats – over the others, but the point is clear enough: the Durabase bog mat clearly outperforms others in its space in every sense.


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