4 Benefits of Wearing Personalized Jewelry

Wearing personalized jewelry is something everyone is familiar with unlike the previous years when it was only associated with little girls in floral prints.

As evolution swept through the fashion industry, you will notice celebrities' wardrobes including personalized jewelry.

From Kim Kardashian, to Carrie Bradshaw down to Kylie Jenner and many others, personalized jewelry is no longer a special trend.

Of course almost every brand is personalizing their product since it eventually leads to higher sales. We have brands like Coca-Cola that launched their "share a coke" campaign which had people speeding into stores and jumping to a frantic search of a coke bottle with their name on it. That strategy obviously went very well because I also had my fair share of the run, searching for one with my name.

To stress the importance of this personalization, Apple took part in it and produced personalizable Apple watch while Google produced customizable phones.

The whole point is personalization has come to stay in the fashion industry and jewelry is not left out of it.

Are you wondering why anyone would want to wear a personalized jewelry? Below are 5 benefits of wearing personalized jewelry:

1. Self-esteem

Wearing a personalized jewelry has a way it makes you feel. You're used to other people calling you by your name, it belongs to you, yet every other person uses it.

Imagine how you'll feel if you eventually have to put the name to use in a personalized jewelry. Well, I would boldly walk into anywhere just to show off that name.

2. Prevents theft

Why do thieves just carry that bag and disappear, or why can they just take that phone, wipe it off and sell it? Probably because the owner might not be able to identify it elsewhere even if it was right in front of them.

Although it's still possible to steal personalized name necklaces – after all, you're not the only 'Sandra' in the world – personalising your jewelry reduces the chances.

Wearing a personalized jewelry exposes you less to jewelry theft because they know that even if stolen, they might need to go through the stress of looking for another person named 'Sandra' – I mean, if I were bearing 'Sally', I would hate very much to be wearing a jewelry with 'Sandra' inscribed on it – so they'll probably just keep it moving.

However still keep your personalized jewelries safe, there really is no guarantee.

3. To show off creativity

It's a world where everyone follows trends. Nobody is trying to be different anymore because they're scared of being lashed at.

However, there are still a few who find trends trivial, they love to dance to a different beat and they appreciate the smallest bits of art. Those are the people who opt for custom jewelry design. It's their way of showing how indifferent they are to the rest and how huge a fan of creativity they are.

To them, having the chance to wear a personalized jewelry is like finding light in a tunnel, everything is dark and everyone is heading the same way, but their path is lit with their ability to create something specific to them alone.

4. Sense of ownership

Wearing a personalized jewelry, to an extent, gives you a sense of ownership. You just look at that jewelry and see your birthstones on it and feel like "yep, this is definitely mine, alone".

Or you check the back of the ring and see your name and that of your significant other inscribed to it, now that's some sense of ownership and emotional bonding on another level.

Wearing personalized jewelries is way past just a fashion trend. For some people, it's a way of life, a medium of expression and an appreciation of art.


Jimmy Rohampton is a freelance writer, blogger and business consultant from Southwest London. He travels the world and helps people master blogging and online marketing at HowToCreateABlog.org. Think you're interesting and he should know you? Say "Hi" to him at Jimmy@HowToCreateABlog.org

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